Be a 2020 developer

Be a 2020 developer

  • Feb 27, 2020
  • by Abhay Upadhyaya
  • Web Development


The main goal of this post is to you give an overview of some of the mainstream web development tools available for developers.
There are a lot of technologies available and more comes to existance each day. So we can not be overwhelmed by these, but at the same time we should know what these are.

Few basic things that every developer should know or learn :

1) GIT versioning through command line


2) Knowledge of github/bitbucket repositories, github for desktop tool, sourcetree bitbucket tool for windows

3) Basic linux commands
    - to ssh into server
    - change permissions of folders/files
    - move/copy files from one folder to another, or one server to another
    - zip/unzip folder


4) Zero ssl setup through http verification


5) Winscp tool to login/connect to server, login as root

6) Write Better Cleaner Code
- DRY - Do not Repeat yourself
- Do not Reinvent the Wheel

Happy Coding!!